Bond 2020

No Tax Rate Increase

With voter approval of the Dickinson ISD bond, the bond will not increase the current tax rate. What it will do is fund projects across our district that will prepare for growth and positively impact our students’ learning environments.

New Junior High School #3 ($73.7 Million)

The district would construct a third junior high school with the capacity of 1,200 students in grades 6-8. It will be medadvice located on land the district is purchasing in the rapidly developing area on the southern edge of the district between Hughes Road and Mall of the Mainland.

Transportation Center Additions & Renovations ($11.6 Million)

Funds would be used for additions to the driver’s room, lunch room, offices and support spaces as well as renovations to the existing space. Also included is six new service bays, relocation of the bus wash equipment, additional parking and lighting, a new bus entrance, a new bus fueling station and two portable buildings at DCC.

Agricultural Center Additions ($3.2 Million)

The bond would provide 6,000 additional square feet to house cattle and lamb pens and an arena, of a 10 foot wide permeable grid system, expanded concrete parking for vehicles and trailers, a new 1,000 square foot Ag Shop and support spaces adjacent to the drive-thru, and a 10 foot wide roll off waste management system.

Hughes Road ES Parking Lot Replacement ($2 Million)

Funds would address the major subsidence and drainage issues in the parking lot at Hughes Road Elementary with the demolition of the current parking lots, replacement of the underground storm drainage system and the construction of new parking lots drives and bus loops.

Technology Center Additions & Renovations ($1.5 Million)

The bond would provide minor renovations and the construction of an addition to
the existing warehouse for more cubicles and storage. It will also fund renovations
to the existing Technology Cottage to accommodate a new conference room and
additional support spaces.

District-Wide Security Improvements ($1.5 Million)

Security improvements would be made to all campus vestibules. Front entrances would be renovated so that visitors do not directly enter the school’s front office. Instead, visitors would check-in at a secure transaction window before entering the main school building. In addition, ballistic window film would be added to all front entrance areas.

McAdams JHS Running Track Replacement ($300,000)

The cinder running track at McAdams Junior High would be replaced with an asphalt running track similar to the track at Kranz Junior High. The current McAdams track poses serious safety and health concerns.