Make More Room FOR our Kids

This fall, you have the opportunity to positively impact the future of every Dickinson ISD student. Make more room FOR our kids and support the 2020 Bond!

No Tax Rate Increase

With voter approval of the Dickinson ISD bond, the bond will not increase the current tax rate. What it will do is fund projects across our district that will prepare for growth and positively impact our students’ learning environments.

We Support the Dickinson ISD 2020 Bond!

Susan Andrew

Mary Anthamatten

Jim Barry

Ann Bragg

Bobby Bragg

Robert Bragg

Darrell Carney

Margaret Carney

Renee Casey

Steve Casey

John Crowder

Carter Dale

Cyndi DePalermo

Taylor Ester

J.T. Floyd

Bill Gaffey

Patty Halter

Scott Halter

Cynthia Higgins

Denise Hinojosa

Betty Lessert

Palmira Martinez

Sandra McDermott

Vicki Mims

Lisa Padgett

David Parker

Kit Schulte

Carla Voelkel

Jim Voelkel

Susan Wilcox

Ann-Marie Williamson

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